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Name: Shannon Hoefling
Location: Jackson, Tennessee
I had the privilege of attending one of you seminars in Iowa several years ago whenI lived there, and still think about it often. I remember you came to our church in Sioux City and preached from the "Book of Scuffy" and how powerful it was. I am glad to see you are still working for the Lord and doing well. God Bless you and your family. If you are ever in Jackson, Tennessee, we would love to have you visit my home church, Calvary Church Ministries, Pastor Cliff Walker.

Name: dj
Location: center Texas
i love scoozy the clown

Name: Dwight Alexander
Location: Statesboro, GA
Hello David and Heather and family (Grandma too),

We were guests at the children ministry on Sunday morning at First United and really enjoyed your program! I know it is for the children but I enjoyed it as much as they did.
You probably are settled in Texas by now. My wife and I trust that all is well. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you both and your ministry to the furthurance of the Kingdom of God on earth. Love in Christ, Dwight and Barbara Alexander PS Is there another email address I should use?

Name: Tammy Littlefield
Location: Beaumont, Tx
You have a new fan!! Michael

Name: Sis. Call
Location: Center, Texas
Aubyn Grace is Beautiful! Love and miss you guys - see you soon!

Name: Peggy Maly
Location: Byram, MS
Just wanted you guys to know that I do take a look from time to time.
Love you all.
Aunt Peggy

Name: Elizabeth
Location: Beaumont, Texas
Hey Bro and Sis Moore, Travis,Aubyn and SIS Moore!!!
WELCOME to the Apostolic Church!!!!
I am sooo excited that yall are now the new addition to our church family!! Yall are amazing in every way and God has completely blessed us by sending yall to TEXAS!!! I know its gana be a big adjustment but we hope to make it A BLAST!!!

We cant wait till yall get here!!
I love yall