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About The Site


The Moore's have developed a number of different websites. From Ministries to Graphic Design, etc. This site is designed to help you find the website you need most. Here is a list of sites we can provide. Hope this site helps you find the answers you need.


Ministry Sites
  • Scoozy.com - Scoozy, that lovable clown that is stuck on the fact we should all be living for God. When you need a children's evangelist... Call Scoozy. Good quality seminars are a vital part of a growing children's ministry. Contact us today for a seminar in your church.
  • IdeaGuru.org - Youth ministry is always growing and changing. Idea Guru offers some ideas to help you with the growth and changes. (IdeaGuru.com is temporarily on hold. New podcast to come.)
  • Nehemiah Factor - Building procedures can become very helpful when passing a ministry from one person to another. The Nehemiah Factor is designed to take small steps toward laying out all the important components of your ministries. Begin building for the future today.

Business Sites
  • MyHomeTownWebDesign.com - A website is one of the most powerful tools introduced to us. It presents an opportunity for us to describe in detail what we offer to someone.
  • SAndSGraphics.com - Wanting a professional look for your events and business/ministry? Allow us to help you brand. 
  • WeSearchDataService.com - Needing criminal background checks done? We Search is the company that can help. Easy to use and affordable. You only get billed for what you use. No limit. No job too big or too small.
  • MyVideoTalk.com/210237 - A great new promotional tool. This email provides a personal video to be sent within their email. Online training, Online video channel, and more. Contact us to find out moore.
  • Email Marketing - Have you wanted to send professional email and be able to keep track on who has opened, deleted, or spamed your email? This may be your answer.