The Beginning

The Beginning
There is a growing demand today for serious training. Many seminars we attend offer training for the teachers. Teaching subjects like, object lessons, how to interact with people, leadership skills and other such classes. The real question is... "What about The Administration?"

Now we have an answer!
Real life with David is offering a complete training process. We begin with an evaluation of your situation. After the evaluation we are able to customize the program to fit your specific need. 

The BIG Question.
  • What makes your church unique?
  • What makes your ministry different?
  • What makes you as an individual along with your team different from everybody else?

The Answer
By breaking these, and other, questions apart you can learn how to better connect with the people in your community. Knowing the people you are able minister most effectively to, can be a game changer in your ministry. Real Life, effective ministry is the most important aspect of ministry.

The Real Life with David program is designed to offer a 1-on-1 intensive training and development of your ministry style. By providing education, accountability, and structure in an ongoing training, we are able to developed a more dynamic ministry with larger results.

The Real Life with David program is not a pre-designed program. The questions that are asked in the beginning of the program is to help tailor make this program to fit the churches and ministries individual needs.

Added Benefit
In conjunction with the 1-on-1 training we will be offering training from some of the best ministers in the nation. We will also be participating in group training with other ministers in your field. This gives you an opportunity to learn from other leaders past and present experiences. 

Real Life
What are the Real Life applications to help my ministry grow? This is what real life is all about. Applying Real Life applications to your ministry!