The Process

The Process
With the growing cost of travel, many businesses and ministries have been looking for alternative ways to accomplish the needed task, while saving money. This is why Real Life with David is offering a live, virtual training option.

When you consider the cost of an evangelist or leadership trainer attending a location for the weekend, the cost can accumulate quickly. When the seminar is completed and you hit a snag… now you have a source for your answers. With the Real Life with David program you have someone that keeps you on track and accountable. When you run into a situation, you now have “people” to help you attack the problem with clarity.

Setup - During this process, we will evaluate your current ministry status. In conjunction with your evaluation, we will implement a leadership evaluation to determine your strongest points in ministry. A video conference will help you set up the technology needed to proceed along with some valuable teaching. By the end of the 1st month you will be ready to begin your in depth training.
Phase 1 – Introduction & Overview – We will take an extensive look at your ministry. Where you are and where you want to go. This will help determine the direction and process of training.
Phase 2 – Structure – The next step is to help you develop the structure and foundation you will need to hold up the desired ministries.
Phase 3 – Detailed Training – After building the structure for a successful ministry, we will determine what current training you will need. We will develop a custom plan to keep your ministry growing.
Phase 4 – Analysis – We will evaluate what the next area of development needs to be addressed through Real Life with David. We will develop a personalized plan to fit your individual ministry.