The Why

The Why
Why Real Life with David?

David has always had a heart for teaching. The core of his ministry has been to teach and develop ministries. Ministry development is the key to reaching the current and next generation. Over the years David has sat in seminars and conferences with some of the best teachers in the world. Working with these ministers and teachers, David has absorbed a wealth of information. Louis Lamoure said that school was not education, school was the opportunity for education. Education was when you learned something and put it to use. If you don’t put it to use you are not educated you are just learned.

With a hunger to see others grow and develop, David has been working on programs to help others develop their ministry. Teaching on the state and national level were wonderful opportunities. First came “Idea Guru” this website was developed to post podcast for youth leaders. Hoping to help youth leaders with resources and ideas.

Then David started working on The Nemiah Factor. Nemiah was one of the greatest leaders in the bible. The concept of Nemiah was, when the king asked what he needed Nemiaha did not say, “Hold on and I’ll find out.” He was ready with an answer. David believes that if we are to be successful in ministry we must prepare. When the door opens we know what is expected. And God can send the increase. The bible teaches that the harvest is not the problem. It’s the laborers. David believes that it’s the trained laborers that brings the biggest increase.
“What’s the difference in reaching 20 and reaching 200. Training! Prayer must come first. That should be a given. If you don’t know that, don’t apply. Once you realize God comes first, what comes second? Us. God is ready, God is trained. Is he just waiting on the laborers? Is God waiting on us to be prepared so he can ask, “What do you need Nemiah?” – David Moore

Through the development of The Nemiah Factor, David worked with churches like Wallace Ridge, LA. Pastor Todd Tucker worked with David on staff development. From Children’s ministry, Youth, Men’s ministry and more. Knowing the cost and time it takes to house an evangelist… David has been developing “Real Life with David.”

Technology has opened a wonderful door. With the option of video and phone conferences being more readily accessible, this has become an affordable and affective way to train staff.

During the restructuring of The Power Station. (The Sunday School department of The Apostolic Church of Beaumont, TX) Phone and video conferences made it much easier for staff to attend meetings and stay up to date on current activity within the department.

Combining what David has learned from his marketing businesses, Beaumont Printing, with his knowledge of ministry, came the birth of “Real Life with David.”

“Taking a “product” that actually works (God) and applying it to people’s lives makes perfect since. We need to know who to reach and how to “package” the product. WE know it works, we must convince the people in our city to just give us an opportunity to present what we have to offer.

Let’s represent God the right way. Let’s get REAL.” – David Moore